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AI Powered Google Ads Optimization

Stop Wasting $$ On Non Performing Search Terms That You Will Never Know About… Until It’s Too Late

With PPC Optimize

  • You can stop wasting ad spend on search terms that don’t convert for anyone.
  • You can uncover the high converting search terms you are missing.
  • Cost per lead reduces by on average 31% in 30 days or less, meaning you can grow your business without spending more money or firing your agency.
  • PPC Optimize delivers results in 30 days or less (as fast as 7 days).
  • Localized and national results available on both mobile and desktop
  • Our proven process tracks every result so you can kick back and relax and let PPC Optimize do all the work. 
  • We know how Google behaves, understand the data, and can get you the results your business needs.
  • Originally built for an agency with over 1,000 client accounts and $20 million in annual ad spend that needed to share learning and results across clients in each industry.

Get the Most out of your Ad Spend

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